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Adventures in Hadoop: #1 The First Step is the Most Important

I consider myself a tenaciously curious person. In the spirit of “discovery” I’ve embarked on learning Hadoop and, subsequently the various bits and pieces that are associated with it. Since I am now “into” blogging, it occurred to me that there might be others like myself who are keen on learning about Hadoop. Below is […]

A Moment of Honesty – So refreshing

I was chatting with one of our interns this morning about an customers issue. The topic was something to do with removing a target from OEM using EMCLI and, as usual, I wanted it to be a good learning experience for the intern. Though, at one point after the issue was resolved, the intern was […]

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Windows Agent Deployments Made Easy

As of late, I’ve had to do a few Windows OS Agent Deployments. As we all know, if you want to auto deploy to a Windows OS, you need to have CygWin installed (on each target host) first.The alternative, via Silent Install, is illustrated by my good friend Bobby Curtis here. However, for large scale […]

Copy Paste with Command Prompt – Save your "Clicks"!!

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with Oracle but everything to do with my hesitance for having to use Command Prompt utility in windows. Even though I like hitting the “up” arrow to recall previous commands, Copy and Pasting is a pain!So, in the spirit of sharing and in my utter innocence and […]

An Alternative to Oracle Enterprise Managers GoldenGate Plugin

If you’ve arrived at this page then, most likely you’re a victim of the JAgent 🙂 Not to be confused with Agent J. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been burned by it when using it for OEM monitoring. The symptoms, if you care to read, include: Hanging Extract and Pumps BDB datastore […]


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