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Patch and Provision with EM12c: #3 Database Provisioning – Using Profiles

With my previous post on creating Profiles with OEM12c completed, I wanted to use them for actual deployments. If you recall, Mr. Green wants to make sure that his deployments are consistent across each environment.What I’d to achieve today Provision RDBMS software and Create a Database using a procreated profile Let’s Begin1. Find your custom […]


How long did your Database Upgrade actually take?

This might be old news, but it became new news for me after I discovered it last week. As far as I know, there’s no way to determine the length of a database upgrade. There are, however, ways to influence the length by gathering dictionary stats, truncate AUD$ and FGA_LOG$. At the end of the […]

ORA-00119 During a Database Upgrade

I consider myself a reasonably detail oriented person – reasonably… Well, every now and then, more often than not, I tend to overlook documentation. Either that, or my dyslexia kicks in. Before I go into my story, let me explain the configuration, which led me to the setup on which I had a problem.   […]

DB12c: ORA-19504: failed to create file "+DATA" While Creating Pluggable Database Manually

In my previous post on DB12c, while manually creating a pluggable database (on ASM), I hit the above error. No matter which way I tried to splice it, the error still occurred. SQL> CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE heinz_pdb ADMIN USER heinz_admin IDENTIFIED BY beans   STORAGE (MAXSIZE 2G MAX_SHARED_TEMP_SIZE 100M)   DEFAULT TABLESPACE heinz_data     DATAFILE […]

Oracle Open World 2013 Schedule

So, two weeks before OOW, when I had resigned myself for nothing being able to go I found out that I’m actually going! Now, I’d been following the twitter feed on the happenings out here so, it didn’t take me long to get my schedule together. Saturday: I’m taking the last flight out to SFO, […]

Patch and Provision with EM12c: #2 Database Provisioning – Profiles

Now that I’ve recovered from a straight 10 hour session I did to write the blog in the previous topic in this series (Provision me a Database!), I wanted to touch on a few of the “softer” pieces in the “Database Provisioning” functionality. Provisioning Profiles To put the concept into perspective, lets start with a […]

Patch and Provision with EM12c: #1 Database Provisioning – Provision Me a Database!

PrefaceAmong the several (too many to list) useful features in Enterprise Manager 12c (specifically is Database Provisioning. With the numerous benefits of a multi tenant architecture in newer releases Database 12c, I want to begin this series of blog posts with starting with a simple database provisioning exercise. Provisioning is, in my humble opinion, […]

Adding Entities (Component) to the Software Library in Oracle Enterprise Manager

As part of a blog series I’m currently working on for Provisioning and Patching in OEM12c, I needed to create a Software Library Component for the DB12c installation media. With, oracle introduced an dmcli approach (create_swlib_entity) to creating the relevant components. I’ll explore the GUI method for now, and write a related blog for […]

RMAN-08120 on Primary with Active Standby and GoldenGate

I came across this a few months ago at a client site. It was peculiar problem whose fix wasn’t quite straightforward (well, not initially anyway).   Ever seen this? RMAN-08120: WARNING: archived log not deleted, not yet applied by standby This one I’ve got to work twice now so, it probably works for others. Once […]

Adventures in Hadoop: #2 Starting from Scratch

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to collect my experience from various sources. This post is intended as a continuing series of posts in which I’d like to share my learning experience in Hadoop. Disclaimer: I have used Michael Noll’s articleas a base for my own exercise. I tend to deviate slightly […]


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