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SRVCTL: Add Preferred Instances

Dedicated to an old friend and colleague. 1.     Add the service. Please take note, the instance names are in UPPER case. [oowner@gxtbdb01 ~]$ srvctl status service -d utldb [oowner@gxtbdb01 ~]$ srvctl add service -d utldb -s test -r UTLDB1 2.     Start it [oowner@gxtbdb01 ~]$ srvctl status service -d utldb Service test is not running. [oowner@gxtbdb01 […]

Oracle Golden Gate 12.1.2

I’ve only just caught up on the new OGG release news! Stepping through just the documentation, I’m excited about trying it out in the next few weeks.   Edited December 19, 2013: It took me a while to get around it, but I did write a post on installation/upgrade to this version here. Cheers!

How to Resume an RMAN Duplicate on Failure – Just Re-Run it!

If you find yourself at the with an error message like below during an RMAN Duplicate, don’t worry about it. As I found out from dumb luck, it’s quite easy! RMAN-03002: failure of recover command at 10/07/2013 15:11:47RMAN-06054: media recovery requesting unknown archived log for thread 1 with sequence 53302 and starting SCN of 143193979270 […]


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