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Set oraInventory for EM12c Agents during GUI Installation

So, this is a peculiar problem that I had to dig to find a solution for; each time I deployed an agent to Add Targets to EM12c where no other Oracle Software was located, it would always created the oraInventory located under the $HOME directory. In my case, /home/oracle/oraInventory. This is quite annoying because for […]


Starting NFS quotas: Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused

While trying to setup NFS on an OVM 3.2 configuration on OEL 5.9, I followed the documentation to the letter but when time came to start the NFS daemon I kept getting the error above. After a little googling, it turns out that RPCBind may not be running. [root@ovm /]# rpcinfo -p rpcinfo: can’t contact […]

Oracle VM 3.2 – OVMAPI_4004E Server Failed Command: HTTP server returned unexpected status: Unauthorized access attempt

You might receive the error message below while discovering an Oracle Virtual Server: This means that most likely your password for the agents user is incorrect. I got around this by resetting it on the Oracle Virtual Server. Thanks to Avi for posting it in the Oracle Forums! Attempt to rediscover again, and it should […]

GoldenGate MBeansContainerImpl – Runtime exception starting jAgent Server

During the EM configuration to monitor GoldenGate, I stepped through the documentation (as I have numerous times in the past) but this time I kept getting the error message in the jagent.log. 2014-02-12 00:58:54 [main] INFO JAgentWSMain – About to call initialize on the WebService2014-02-12 00:58:54 [main] INFO JAgentWSMain – Loading agent-spring-ws.xml ############### 2014-02-12 […]

wget Patch from My Oracle Support

This will be a quick and dirty post. I’m in a plane right now and needed to download the latest release of GoldenGate 12c onto my office server. Not wanting to transfer any files from my laptop over, nor going through a VNC setup I thought I’d try the wget approach. This is documented here […]

Grid Infrastructure Cluster Health Monitor – A Deconstruction

While digging around Grid Infrastructure logs, I came across this new feature with 12c called Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) – I knew the MGMTDB database was good for something when I opted to install it even though it is not required. From Oracle’s Documentation “The Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) detects and analyzes operating system and […]

EM12c, Weblogic, and Finding Your Way Through Active Directory

Introduction As with any adventure, there are hurdles along the way. I started my previous post with the sections below but instead I ended up composing the linked article. What I had started with was how to query the Active Directory tree where groups with multiple subgroups from a Weblogic Server for Enterprise Manager User […]


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