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DB12c: ORA-19504: failed to create file "+DATA" While Creating Pluggable Database Manually

In my previous post on DB12c, while manually creating a pluggable database (on ASM), I hit the above error. No matter which way I tried to splice it, the error still occurred. SQL> CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE heinz_pdb ADMIN USER heinz_admin IDENTIFIED BY beans   STORAGE (MAXSIZE 2G MAX_SHARED_TEMP_SIZE 100M)   DEFAULT TABLESPACE heinz_data     DATAFILE […]

Patch and Provision with EM12c: #1 Database Provisioning – Provision Me a Database!

PrefaceAmong the several (too many to list) useful features in Enterprise Manager 12c (specifically is Database Provisioning. With the numerous benefits of a multi tenant architecture in newer releases Database 12c, I want to begin this series of blog posts with starting with a simple database provisioning exercise. Provisioning is, in my humble opinion, […]

RMAN-08120 on Primary with Active Standby and GoldenGate

I came across this a few months ago at a client site. It was peculiar problem whose fix wasn’t quite straightforward (well, not initially anyway).   Ever seen this? RMAN-08120: WARNING: archived log not deleted, not yet applied by standby This one I’ve got to work twice now so, it probably works for others. Once […]

A Not So Straightforward Approach to Manual Database (CDB and PDB) Creation Via SQL*Plus

While beginning my tinkering with Database 12c, I was curious to create the container database via SQL*Plus. Below are the steps I followed.   Set your environment variable for ORACLE_SID. It’s a given that you need ORACLE_HOME set J [oracle@collabn1 dbs]$ ORACLE_SID=beans[oracle@collabn1 dbs]$ export ORACLE_SID Edit your initialization parameter file. It is important to note, for […]

Fun with DB 12cR1 Upgrade

It’s 5 AM and its pouring outside – couldn’t be a worse start to a July 4th holiday in the summer! I woke up (for some reason) and can’t fall back asleep and figured I might try my luck at a database upgrade with 🙂 Many of us have already posted blogs about their […]


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