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A Long Hiatus

It’s certainly been a while since my last blog post – a little over a year to be precise and it just happens to coincide the beginning of my employment here at Oracle. As with any new job, it takes time to acclimate and I’ve found it an easy transition.I believe it is in part due […]

Migrate Enterprise Manager to a PDB from a non-CDB

One of the things I’ve been eager to try with the latest ( EM release was to change the repository from a non-CDB to a PDB. There’s a note in the EM documentation that discusses migrating the SYSMAN schema option mentioned here. As a mentionable note, Martin Bach wrote a post on switching the repository […]

Patch and Provision in EM12c: #6 Patch GI + RDBMS Home with the April 2014 CPU

While setting up Database as a Service, I came across this particular issue on DB12c while creating a Pluggable database. Now, I am not certain whether this has anything whatsoever to do with the fact that it is on a Direct NFS (dNFS), but the creation fails with the error message below. [oracle@dc01db2a ~]$ tail […]

Loading data into an Oracle Database through External Tables

Frequently, I am asked to run a script which has numerous insert statements. These are generated from flat file(s), and their size can be quite large (in the MB’s). A useful and practical alternative is using External Tables. These are tables (for all intents and purposes), which use delimited flat files as their source. Here’s […]


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