Grid Infrastructure Cluster Health Monitor – A Deconstruction

While digging around Grid Infrastructure logs, I came across this new feature with 12c called Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) – I knew the MGMTDB database was good for something when I opted to install it even though it is not required. From Oracle’s Documentation “The Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) detects and analyzes operating system and […]

How to Change Properties of a Target in EM12c

One of my colleagues asked me a good question this morning about how to go about changing the properties of a target, specifically the “Contact” field.  The properties fields for a target are often over-looked, but are important to the prioritization algorithm for event management. For example, if a target’s Lifecycle Status is Production or […]

A Not So Straightforward Approach to Manual Database (CDB and PDB) Creation Via SQL*Plus

While beginning my tinkering with Database 12c, I was curious to create the container database via SQL*Plus. Below are the steps I followed.   Set your environment variable for ORACLE_SID. It’s a given that you need ORACLE_HOME set J [oracle@collabn1 dbs]$ ORACLE_SID=beans[oracle@collabn1 dbs]$ export ORACLE_SID Edit your initialization parameter file. It is important to note, for […]


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