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Patch and Provision in EM12c: #5 Provision a Real Application Cluster Database

As part of the Database Lifecycle Management (DBLM) Pack, Database Provisioning in Enterprise Manager is a powerful and quite flexible feature to provision databases. In the past, I have written several articles on Patching and Provisioning (P&P) using the #em12c and today I’d like to add one more to the list. This time, it is […]


Create a Standby Database using EM12c

I wanted to make this a quick post, because a friend was mentioning a slight problem during a manual set up of Data Guard. I told him you could do it through EM, and then recalled that I had documented it a while back. After the tube light finally went on in my head, it […]

opatch apply online on

The credit for the patch apply in the post goes to a new friend that wishes to remain anonymous, except that her initials start with KA, and who happens to work at a company in Memphis, TN. Coincidentally, that is where I had been liv. During a recent EM12c project at her company, we were […]

Grid Infrastructure Cluster Health Monitor – A Deconstruction

While digging around Grid Infrastructure logs, I came across this new feature with 12c called Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) – I knew the MGMTDB database was good for something when I opted to install it even though it is not required. From Oracle’s Documentation “The Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) detects and analyzes operating system and […]

Patch and Provision with EM12c: Index

Over the last few months, I’ve written a few posts on Provisioning Databases in EM12c. After writing them out, I’ve realized that they’re note organized in the best manner. With that in mind, I’ve created a list (see below) which I hope to keep updated, and you will find as a helpful resource. 1. Patch […]

11gR1 to 11gR2 RAC – An Upgrade Experience on Solaris

I’ve recently gone through an experience (see title), that I thought would be a good one to share. As of late, I’ve started documenting the life out of any project/task, and this is one of in the long line of many. Basically, the goal here was to upgrade an existing 11gR1 RAC configuration to 11gR2 […]

SRVCTL: Add Preferred Instances

Dedicated to an old friend and colleague. 1.     Add the service. Please take note, the instance names are in UPPER case. [oowner@gxtbdb01 ~]$ srvctl status service -d utldb [oowner@gxtbdb01 ~]$ srvctl add service -d utldb -s test -r UTLDB1 2.     Start it [oowner@gxtbdb01 ~]$ srvctl status service -d utldb Service test is not running. [oowner@gxtbdb01 […]

How to Resume an RMAN Duplicate on Failure – Just Re-Run it!

If you find yourself at the with an error message like below during an RMAN Duplicate, don’t worry about it. As I found out from dumb luck, it’s quite easy! RMAN-03002: failure of recover command at 10/07/2013 15:11:47RMAN-06054: media recovery requesting unknown archived log for thread 1 with sequence 53302 and starting SCN of 143193979270 […]

How long did your Database Upgrade actually take?

This might be old news, but it became new news for me after I discovered it last week. As far as I know, there’s no way to determine the length of a database upgrade. There are, however, ways to influence the length by gathering dictionary stats, truncate AUD$ and FGA_LOG$. At the end of the […]

ORA-00119 During a Database Upgrade

I consider myself a reasonably detail oriented person – reasonably… Well, every now and then, more often than not, I tend to overlook documentation. Either that, or my dyslexia kicks in. Before I go into my story, let me explain the configuration, which led me to the setup on which I had a problem.   […]


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